Subhaanaka Ya Allaah : Glory Be To You, O Allaah !

Monday, March 22, 2010

'...And when Moosa ('alayhi salaam) came at the time and place appointed by Us; and his Lord spoke to him

He (Moosa) said: ' O my Lord! Show me (yourself) that I may look upon You

Allaah said: 'You cannot see me...but look upon the mountain; if it stands still in its place then you shall see Me.

So when his Lord appeared to the mountain, He (Allaah) made it collapse to dust..
and Moosa fell down unconscious !

Then when he (Moosa) recovered his senses, he said: ' Glory be to You, I turn to You in Repentance and I am the first of the Believers! '

Transliteration :

Wa Lammā Jā'a Mūsá Limīqātinā Wa Kallamahu Rabbuhu Qaala Rabbi 'Arinī 'Anžur 'Ilayka Qaala Lan Tarānī Wa Lakini Anžur 'Ilá Al-Jabali Fa'ini Astaqarra Makānahu Fasawfa Tarānī Falammā Tajallá Rabbuhu Liljabali Ja`alahu Dakkāan Wa Kharra Mūsá Şa`iqāan Falammā 'Afāqa Qāla Subĥānaka Tubtu 'Ilayka Wa 'Anā 'Awwalu Al-Mu'mineen !

Al-Qaari Al-Ma'ruf : Muhammad Ibn Sulaymaan Al-Muhaisnee
Surah : Al-A'raaf
Ayaah: 143
Youtube Video :


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