and they fall down on their faces, weeping.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

' Have they not seen that Allah, who has created the Heavens and the Earth, has the power to create them as they were?
And for this, He has appointed a Time in which there is no doubt.
Still, the wrongdoers refuse to do anything but reject.
Say: "If you were to own the treasures of my Lord's blessing, even then you would certainly hold them back, lest it should be spent.
And mankind is so niggardly.

And surely, We gave Moosa nine (9) clear signs.
So ask the Children of Israa'eel. When he came to them, the Pharoah said to him,
"I am afraid, O Moosa, you are under the spell of magic."
He said, "You know well that these signs are sent down by none, but by the Lord of the Heavens and Earth as eye-openers.
And I am afriad, O Pharoah, you are going to be destroyed."
Then he (the Pharaoh) tried to harass him out of the land, so We drowned him and all those with him altogether.
And thereafter, We said to the Children of Israa'eel,
"Live in the land, so when the appointed Time of the Hereafter will come, We shall bring you all joined together.

And with Truth we have sent it down and with Truth it descended and we did not send you but as a bearer of good tidings and as a warner.
And We have divided the Qur'aan into portions, so that you may recite it to the people gradually, and We have revealed it little by little.

Say; "Believe it or do not believe it; when it is recited to those who were given knowledge before it, they fall down on their faces in prostration and say, "Pure is our Lord. Certainly the Word of our Lord is sure to be done."
And they fall down on their faces weeping and it increases them in the humblesness of the heart.

Say, "Call (Him by the name of) Allaah or Ar-Rahmaan, in whichever way you call, His are the Best Names.
And do not be (too) loud in your salah nor be (too) low in it, and seek a way in between.
And say, "Praise belongs to Allaah, who has neither taken to Him a son, nor is there any partner to Him in His Kingdom, nor is anybody needed to protect Him because of any weakness.
And proclaim His Greatness, an open proclamation! '

Qaari : Idris Abkar
Surah : Al-Israa'
Ayaat : 99-111


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